Saturday, 15 January 2011

Tidied up and thoroughly lost

Over Christmas so many crucial and favourite items have been tidied away by me. I am still refinding and rearranging my stuff so that I can function normally again. Even the table itself was switched round by 90 degrees.

H doesn't have many items downstairs, so he has been able to live his life as usual, although he has been ill for over 2 weeks with a bad cold/lurgy.

T has mislaid practically everything, but not all at once. He likes to have his many favourite things all over what used to be my desk in the kitchen, plus quite a bit of other space there. I move them around which doesn't help!

S is the only one who keeps his stuff in a drawer and well out of range upstairs. Hmm, maybe he has an evolutionary advantage over the rest of us?

I think I will decorate light fittings and the exit doors next year and keep our living space as it is.

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