Saturday, 15 January 2011


I'm reading Life Without School by Veronika Robinson and came across a reference to one winter when they were raw fooders.

The only time I have done this is for a day with a group of others at the Abbey, Sutton Courtenay. I was staying there for something else entirely, but got into a very heated (!) discussion with a woman who was passionate about only having raw food. As a result we agreed to go raw with her for 24 hours. She thought up some things to make for us and we took part alongside the other events of the stay.

We spent most of our time around our end of the kitchen table musing about whether this or that would count as raw and reminiscing about yummy hot custard etc. as we ate our meals with her. It was a good thing to do and defused the extreme tension in a very practical way. I wonder whether she enjoyed no longer being the only one being raw for a time.

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