Saturday, 1 January 2011


Why don't I make my New Year Resolution to expand my button collection and find a beautiful box for it?

I was reading about another family who had access to their grandmother's collection and it got me thinking back to my grandmother's thin and wide mother of pearl buttons with a little raised edge to them. I used them as little plates to play with when I spent time at her flat. I wonder who has them now?

My grandmother used to buy second hand jackets and cut off the boring buttons. Then she'd sew on fashionable or eye catching ones instead. If she got rid of clothing she'd keep the good buttons! Waste not, want not.

1 comment:

  1. I too have fond memories of my Nan's button tin which is now at my Mum's with more buttons added to it.

    If a garment in our house can't be passed on to anyone else or reused then I harvest the buttons, zips, trim, ribbing and even pockets from it before turning the fabric into something else. My tin is a work in progress but still holds some little joys.


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