Saturday, 11 December 2010

Earlier this week

I had one of those bad nights. H wasn't feeling too healthy, I watched an iplayer film about a topic which worries me, and I was shocked by news of an assault.

Since then I have had a sort of fire in me about meal times. The table is cleared off, the plates are laid nicely, the glasses of water are there. I growl, almost, that it is time to WORSHIP the food. Away from the screens, headphones off, and we play a little game of Kids Trivia with a die while eating.

It has been good for me and good for T and H. One night all four of us were squished round the table for a while. It is fun. We have lots of these little food worship moments, because I make food only when people are actually hungry, and we just have one bit at a time, not the old fashioned 3 courses plus coffee....

The best bit is finding fun things to play with while munching. I brought out the magnetic metal shapes yesterday and had a great time making flower shapes, little cars and a ziggurat.

I even made patterns with the HP sauce a la Master Chef.

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