Monday, 6 December 2010

Bubble wrap helps

We have windows with industrial drafts blowing in from them. The shutters and full-length curtains aren't helping that much. Even though they are shut 100% of the time, it is still far too cold in some rooms, even though the heating is on a lot.

So I thought and thought until I hit on a way of putting strips of bubble wrap along the cracks where the wind blows in. I have used loads of sellotape and was careful to rub nail varnish remover on the paintwork and glass first so the tape would stick. I am so pleased. I no longer have to keep the doors shut to these 2 rooms to prevent the cold coming into the rest of the house.

I put some tinsel along the insulation strips too for good measure, although it is somewhat pointless given that I then shut the shutters and curtains again so we are all sealed up snugly until May time.

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