Sunday, 21 November 2010

So what

So what on earth will I read my way through in the second smallest room in our house next year?

The Bible?
My unread books, that rather includes most of the Bible!?

Maybe I will collect the candidates and lay them out on a table in the drawing room. Between Christmas and New Year I will consider them and make my choice. That's generally a peaceful, being time of year round here.

But first I still have 106 pages left of the book I'm savouring this year. I can't believe it. The book gets longer the more I read it! The never-ending book, rather like our ever-young cat Snowy. We always thought he must be about 18, but then he'd be a year older and look the same, so we said he was still about 18!

Someone somewhere blogged that they will not buy any more books in 2011, and will focus on the clearly embarrassingly large heap of treasures they already have at hand.

So what is my purpose in reading each day anyway? There's the real question to answer.

1 comment:

  1. Well I set myself the challenge of reading one novel a week for the next 2 years...started well, but now I'm selecting the thinnest books I can find {g}


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