Thursday, 21 October 2010


The long hair has become an issue with school. I did mention to the teacher that actually T's hair wasn't nearly as long as H's hair, for information and awareness raising purposes.

The colour is also an issue. Hmm. I find it annoying that one of my children will have to put hair colour choices and lengths on hold until July 2013. I had become rather used to and proud of the fact that his school were ok with long haired rock star looks. I suspect the prospect of a new head is causing the clampdown in advance of his arrival.

I also don't yet know for sure how to redye T's hair back to roughly his underlying colour. An unfortunate green colour wouldn't be a good outcome.

Time to google 'changing hair colour from deep red back to light brown'.

T is fine about it, so I'm being the typical parent who gets wound up over non-events and irritates the teachers!

1 comment:

  1. Couldn't you just say that he's converted to the Sikh religion (can't cut his hair) and is really a natural red head...

    I'd be no good as a parent of a schoolchild!


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