Saturday, 30 October 2010

'Right over there'

We all went bowling this evening. T and H decided soon after arriving that they would rather not change into the bowling shoes. They took my car keys and set off across the huge car park to find it and then sit in it. It took 2 journeys for them to find my car. I like to get some fresh air so always park a long way from my destination. It was quite hard to explain exactly how far away it was and how it was near a hedge 'right over there on the left'.

They had enough of that after a while and returned to watch us play.

The good bits were getting some good shots, seeing S getting some strikes and lending my camera to the other HE children in another lane to play with and get some action photos. I got a tiny bit of chatting to 3 other HE mothers too.

When we got back I promised to never take them bowling again. They used to enjoy it and I was the one who would to refuse to go.....

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