Monday, 27 September 2010

Evening moments

"I hate you!.... Thank you' as I fish crumpled, but salvageable English notes out of the fireplace, wiping the dust off on my dressing gown.

Now to find a phone which has gone walkabout.

S came into the darkened kitchen, 'Why are all the lights off?' Well, I thought that having them off might equal night time and therefore sleeping time to T. 'Does it work?' Of course not, but it's a harmless occupation and keeps me sane.

That's why there are no lights on for the stairs and I keep on switching everything off as I wander around the house putting away laundry. I do try not to fall down stairs, so I hold onto the bannisters carefully.

With any luck T might have found his own phone before I get round to actually putting any effort into looking for it properly...No point in being too effective at finding children's stuff for them.

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