Friday, 2 July 2010

So drained

Various things going on which are causing me to just sleep deeply every so often. Confidentiality is a pain too, I'm beginning to forget who told me what and what I need to keep secret.

Anyway by way of taking a music cure I watched a wonderful programme about the Rolling Stones and will be eating more comfort food, yay for crisps, porridge and home made soup. I may go on a search for a creme egg if my symptoms persist.

I partly want to stick my head in the sand and not hear any news about anyone, had enough of bad news, and partly want to give properly and better, therefore saving the world single handedly. That won't happen either.

So I shall focus on summer holidays, started today for us, and we shall keep to simple discussions about buying more stuff, what to cook and what's on TV. I will keep on murdering the mosquito larvae in my pond with a little sieve. Sorry universe, but I have lost patience with that one aspect of my stagnant pond as well as the human world.

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