Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The shame.....

So there we were minding our own business, me guarding T from himself as he took photos of passing traffic in the drizzle. I'd parked my car down a side road, as you do.

As we walked back to the car a suspicious type imitating a security guard and clearly loitering to no good intent along some rather important railways tracks to our local power station waved at us to come over.

Blow me, he seems to think T might pose a terrorist threat. I start squeaking about all sorts of truly embarrassing stuff, while T chats in a relaxed way, giving both his names and showing the pics he took and volunteering to delete any this guy only minutes older than him might not like.

T gets full marks for cool and I am an embarrassment to nature and myself, I even announced which party I voted for, as if this ever helps parents of radicalised young souls.....

Anyway, I think the power station itself poses a terrorist threat to our town as without it there would be no chance of someone wanting to bomb Didcot. I feel like joining Greenpeace now just for the hell of it.


  1. Lol, I can just see it, I would be the same as I stopped myself just abusing him, I hate interfering authoritarian types.

  2. I have to admit that parking in an access road is not the brightest thing I could have done. And the man was very non-confrontational, he'll make a great dad!

    It was a really boring day for T up to that point, now it's one our family stories.

  3. Once I parked outside an ordinary house. The man came outside and demanded to know what I was doing (er, filling the car with bathwater? Learning to ski? I thought of a thousand inappropriate answers but I said I was waiting for a friend). "You'd better move off then. I've always got people waiting for their gadgies outside my place. Go on!!"

    Face aflame, I stood (or sat) my ground for eight minutes, then drove off. Never did find a good parking spot and missed my friend.

    But I learned that I don't like people who humiliate me (and that I didn't know what "gadgies" were!)


  4. Massive installations like the power station are run in such a controlled manner that they are scared to death of subversives who might upset their sacred systems.

    You and T don't look like terrorists but you fit the bill of subversives perfectly!


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