Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Animals and Humans

Why is it that some animals seem to really want to be near humans? Do we out of all the creatures offer something special that no other creature offers?

I know that no other creature would save a drowning insect or gently help a bee out of a window. Maybe we sometimes offer the animals something as magical and undeserved as they sometimes offer us?

Do they observe and care for each other ever?

1 comment:

  1. Well, trying to see it from the view of my forlorn and slightly dim spaniel, we offer free food, a warm body to curl up to and a sympathetic lack of discipline (don't tell the Dog Whisperer).

    So I suppose we are like a mid-budget hotel, more interesting and comfortable than a motorway Travelodge, but not as social-grace-demanding as The Randolph.

    In return the dog offers us fleas, puddles and piles in unpredictable places, and an unpleasant-smelling and hairy sofa. But at least he always gives an enthusiastic and hearty welcome, even when we've only been gone 5 minutes.


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