Thursday, 1 April 2010

Yet another magic moment

I went with T and H to Youth Group to help make some Easter cakes. After the main event was over and we were the only guests left, the 4 children congregated round the table next to the kitchen. From the kitchen we mothers could hear the murmur of chat and laughter. They were drawing, writing, checking out the internet and eating cake.

The looks of relaxation and interest on their faces were so precious to see. Then I was invited in to do my 20 questions game where I think of something, a US state in this case, then give clues until they guess it. I enjoy giving clues which are helpful so it is a fun quick game, not embarrassing.

We are now back in our TV-less house, so H and his father have whizzed next door to watch my mother in law's TV. Our aerial will be fixed next week, so we'll be back to the educational delights of Midsomer Murders and Coast, and me disagreeing with the BBC news.

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