Friday, 30 April 2010

90 minutes later

T got to the station 90 minutes later than usual. Was I worried? Was I bored? Was I cross? No.

I finally realised my mobile was out of power, so I decided to drive home and phone him from there. He sounded so happy and I could hear his friends in the background.

While I was waiting I realised that 'my' corner of the station car park is ripe for some guerilla gardening. I have loads of spare seeds from years past, so they will go to seed heaven on a wet day.


  1. Watching naughty flowers grow will be a subversive pleasure I'm sure. I have some spare seed potatoes if you think there might be room;) You might need tools for that though which could lead to incriminating evidence being discovered....

  2. I'm going to park close to my target area today and casually open the door and tip out some seeds...evil cackle.

    Last night at the pub was fun!


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