Saturday, 16 January 2010


When H was little I would try to finish washing up or something while he wanted me. T being older would tell me H just wanted to be with me, 'he needs you'. T was happy again when he could see that I was attending to H and laying everything else aside.

Now it is H's turn to remind me to just take time to hold the cat when she visits us from next door, he can see I'm trying to delay turning to her or am getting impatient to get up and do something else. It makes his world right to see me stopping everything to stroke her until she has had enough and jumps down again.

Giving attention when it is asked for goes against all those parenting courses which advise you to be in charge and set limits on when the children can take your time. Bah humbug, it's all wrong. If children are at home until they are 18 or 21 I guess this means lots and lots of *time* being with you. Particularly around 10 til midnight, hot water bottle and hot chocolate time.

I still automatically want perfect, patient and wise attention from my parents at the drop of a hat. I will persist until I get it!! lol

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  1. 'Just give me a minute' is my catchphrase. I seem unable to hide my resentment at being interrupted or being slowed down when I want to speed through something. I feel the hackles of irritation rise when I'm absorbed in something and someone - yet again - wants something of me. But then there are days when everyone is happy doing their own thing and I wander round the house feeling left out because nobody seems to need me or my input. lol. It reminds me that one day they will all be grown up and that sometimes I need to slow down and make the most of 'now'.


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