Wednesday, 25 November 2009


T is doing fire experiments and taking photos at the table. The fact that I can supervise while looking in the other direction and while blogging shows how different 14 is from say 10. I am in the room though! There is a bowl of water as a safety device, but T set it up before I had time to go through my standard fire warnings.

It reminds me of one of the first projects H and did after deregistering nearly 2 years ago, a life time away. We took the old scraggy candles I had in the back of a cupboard and wanted to throw away. Instead we burnt them down to wax ponds in my old serving dishes. We sat doing this outside in the cold garden, huddled up to the metal garden table.

We sat and watched the wax run down and we poked the soft walls of the candles. We destroyed all of them, one by one! We took all the time in the world and just played at messing around with candles. Happy memories.

Really of course I was discovering what processing unexpressed anguish feels like and how long it takes, but the mechanics were grey afternoons outdoors with those hideous candles from the back of my laundry room.

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