Monday, 5 October 2009

The Swing

H and I have chats while he is on the swing. The school next door to us has a very annoying security light which flashes on and off all night. It is now a very valuable and useful night time light for us because the swing is right next to it.

Last night's discussion touched on maths. I want to buy maths text books and he explained carefully to me that he likes autonomous education. So I counter explained that my plan was to have a well stocked maths shelf which he could ignore or read privately when I am not around.

I think he can spot mission creep a mile off. I very much hope my mission is not about to creep and the books will not turn into weapons in a household maths war.


  1. i admire this. i really do. because i simply cannot do it, like, to suggest you can ignore those books IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KILL ME. um. that last bit might slip out.

  2. Yeah...we have that well-stocked shelf lol! (for everything!). My kids can detect a mission creep a mile off, so honesty is usually the best policy in our house.

  3. well I jumped on a little discussion about dollars and pounds. whizzed round google to find an easy conversion page. percentages this way and that way, read out the list of currencies down the side, the way you do, kept me entertained for quite a while!!

    we have some HFA in this house so no point in provoking anxieties about something as lovely as maths. i love it anyway, unless i don't understand it, in which case it is an unnecessary aspect of maths best left to those with maths superpowers.

  4. actually the maths books are the ones my older son had for yr 7 and 8. they are nice and clear and they will be for me so i can be sure of what i need to keep in mind for the next 2 years.

    i did some of the home works myself with T anyway, so i know they are basic revision of core concepts, graphs etc. i reckon the hardest bit of maths is writing neatly and laying out the working clearly. i'm a bit old fashioned that way.


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