Tuesday, 27 October 2009

LAN party

We loaded up the car with 2 computers, plus all the extras. There was a one hour set up period, then the lights were altered to be more party-ish and Guitar Hero was turned on.

It was such a good experience, calm, fun, chilled, relaxed, silly. There were some parents there too, mainly fathers, for the whole evening. The age range was 8? up to 20ish?, plus parents. There were some girls there too. They played with each other more, laughing and joking, lovely to see, that little bit different from how the boys interact, but all in the same room together, getting what they wanted out of it.

There was a pizza and garlic bread supper at half way, but people took their own sweets if they wanted, so it wasn't regimented at all. I drove off to get some crisps my children wanted half way through.

Someone I knew from years ago was there too and for the last 2 hours I found a corner to sit in and read my book with a cup of coffee beside me!

People took their systems apart around 11pm, all very calm. We were busy at home afterwards setting up the systems again. Amazing...no cables were lost, nothing was damaged, no drink spilt on anything. I'm still on a bit of a high after all that.

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