Friday, 2 October 2009

Duty Doctor

I had a call back from the duty doctor today to discuss T's chest infection. All I needed to know was what to look for if it was getting worse and whether to take him to be listened to with a stethescope. It sounds like there is no need for antibiotics and time + rest will cure this.

The discussion took about 3 minutes and I learned just enough for today's duties as a mother/nurse. If I need to know more I can google and I can call for NHS expertise by phone anytime day or night.

Now I need to spend some more time with H. He is well, but being very patient about being ignored. I have forgotten how mentally and physically tiring it is looking after an ill child. The rest of the household is on the back burner. Tax return, tree surgery work, a little cousin's birthday tomorrow....all unattended to because they are lower priority at the moment. I think my mind processes are slightly off kilter too.

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