Saturday, 10 October 2009

Book Medicine

I went on a mercy mission to my favourite book shop. T asked for the latest Cherub book and the latest Terry Pratchett. He read the Cherub one this afternoon and is whizzing through the Pratchett as I write.

Someone on another blog mentioned buying books on the offchance her children would want to look at them. I used to do this when T and H were little, but have got out of the habit, feeling it was wrong to buy books they didn't like, a waste of money. When I mentioned this to T he loved the idea, so I picked up 2 unfamiliar books at the same time.

Some of the unschooling discussion lists have mentioned creating abundance in this way, not considering it a waste, but considering it a worthwhile expense to collect interesting items for the house. Even if things are not used right away thay are there and are available. I will try to spend more time in charity shops again.

Maybe it is time for me to try doing more reading out loud to H. As the younger brother he has the advantage of a house full of books for someone a little older than himself. We couldn't have planned it better.

When he was younger he demanded I read out to him every day for literally hours. Morning, noon and night. We spent a lot of time cuddled up together doing this.

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