Thursday, 3 September 2009

Reading books

I am trying to relax when I read a book I don't agree with 100%. Even if the style of writing implies that I the reader also think the same way as the writer, I have free will and an ability to simply see that and just take what I need from the text.

I do find it mentally tiring to be reading with that sort of detachment. It is so much easier to read and agree with everything. Then I have the feeling of being understood, which is always nice!

Since starting to home educate I have had to engage with authors in several different fields, while engaging with the issues in real life at the same time. Assessing a whole field and learning the vocabulary at the same time is hard work. Within each field there are a range of approaches. Judging these for real, not just as a university level academic exercise, is what mums do.

Sometimes I want a holiday from the responsibility and the worries. Now I am 45 I can see that many adults do not know the answers and haven't the grace to simply say so. Interacting with anxious adults who feel they want to tell me what to do is a real old waste of my precious time and sanity. Not in a good mood at the moment!

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