Monday, 10 August 2009


I think I know what is wrong with my sore hip now. Just a chronic inflammation which can be allowed to heal naturally with rest, ice, heat, massage, physio and avoidance of weightbearing and overuse.

So I have a very good reason to read great books, surf to my heart's content, watch TV, sit under a duvet with a warm hot water bottle and let my boys grow up without too much interference from me.

I can hear T and H chatting away in T's room. They each have a game they like and are playing alongside each other. Every so often they visit their grandmother next door for little bowls of sweets then come back for more playing. All I do is nag about toothbrushing and provide familiar meals.


  1. no! its T posting! why is hugh logged in?

  2. If you find your hip doesn't sort itself I can definitely recommend cranial osteopathy. In the meantime make the most of having a good reason to chill out!


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