Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Heavenly summer day

Looking up right into the branches of the big tree. When there is a storm the whole trunk moves. We cross our fingers it won't crash down into our roof and then on into T's bedroom. His bed has always been well away from the corner the tree would come through...just in case.

If the tree is well over 100 years old, think of the different conversations and games which have gone on under it over the 20th century.
Hollyhocks taller than me. My favourite plants are tall ones so that the space is taken up and they form a live wall around me. This goes for vegetables too, Fennel, leeks and gone to seed spinach/greens.
This is pretty, the brilliant green against the dark, dusty spaces by the wall. It was so overcast yesterday in comparison. Life is so different when the sun is out!
The lawn is partly shaded by the big acacia. I did some shady sun bathing, lying on the very slightly damp grass, breathing in the warm air. There is a light wind, what would be called a light air at sea.

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