Thursday, 16 July 2009

Different reactions to strewing

Yesterday I realised that I do strew something interesting and new each day for the children.

The difference between my two children is that H glances for half a second at the new thing and in that tiny space of time takes in all he wants to about the item.

Any attempt to encourage him to engage further is met with a no and persistent encouragement leads to irritation and swearing, at which point even the stupidest parent backs off.

T on the other hand generally looks and touches and chats with me about the item for up to 5 minutes.

Now I have spotted the different reactions I can regard each one as a success. Maybe I will go back to noting down each strewing in my home education log.


  1. Oh my, you just described Emily to a tee (H).The amount of times even gentle encouragement backfires and she digs her heels in and she then refuses to have anything to do with the item!!xx

  2. T agrees with the main post. blowing my on trumpet here but whatever. this could be a brilliant argument for HE if i achuley wanted to be HE'd. but i like my school. Ha.

  3. My two steadfastedly ignore strewed items and usually remove them ( when I am not looking)from the table to a pile in a corner where they stay for weeks until they decide they are interesting of their own accord. :)

  4. My bunch usually only notice strewed items when:
    a) the items are overdue and I'm about to pay a huge fine and I need to return them to the library
    b)they have shrivelled and gone off and are making the house smell really bad
    c) someone has fallen over the items and hurt themself
    d) they have potential as a weapon against a sibling


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