Sunday, 12 July 2009

Reading aloud

I have just been reading a post about how much a mother has to read aloud to her children when they are little. Charlotte Mason writes about this and some of the mothers online were discussing it.

I used to have to read to H from as soon as he woke up to when he went to sleep for a while. It really was all day, he just wanted to be on my knee and hearing all those stories. I got away for little bits of time to do other things, but only just.

At the time I would never have believed that the reading out days would stop. But they have. The last books H wanted read out were the Cherub books plus a bit of Casino Royale. I had to use my well-honed censoring skills, skimming a little bit ahead so I could miss out the worst vocabulary of these books. Little good it has done me as they know all the bad language anyway!! At least I tried.

T had a stage of needing me to read his science encyclopedia out to him, paragraphs about electric circuits and so on. That was the last he wanted read out. I didn't get to read out Harry Potter because he read it himself.

I managed to read out a random chunk of the Bible a while back. I wanted to prove to them that it includes every variety of bad behaviour. The bit I opened it at proved the point very well!

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