Thursday, 30 July 2009

Letting go

I have been forced to let go of my home education note book for the past 2 weeks because other things were more important.

The 2 weeks are not being documented in the way I usually like to, but they still happened and were full of activities and discussions. In fact, ironically, they were probably by far the most interesting weeks for months!!

So there will be a 2 week blank.

How can I explain Autonomous Home Education to the LA inspectors when I am discovering it for myself?


  1. I'm not sure anyone can fully explain autonomous home education; of course one could give a definition of AHE and examples of how it might work, but personally I think you have to live with it and experience it before you can really grasp even a basic understanding of it.

    At HESFEs there were some discussions about the 'journey' a home educator goes through, and how at different parts of this journey we discover things about our children, about our self, about the world we live in (and the government!). No matter what anyone says, you still have to take this journey yourself, no one can do it for you. And sometimes you have to be at a certain stage in the journey before things make sense.

    It took me several years of home edding to start to understand a little about AHE; no amount of books or advice from other home edders would have done the same. I had to make the journey myself.

  2. I like the concept of the journey.

    I can rely on the fact that we are on the road and as long as we take notice of what is happening as we go along, all will be well. Detours and rows are all part of it as well as listening to the radio and ignoring the fabulous views!

    I am a stickler for seat belts and the right sort of fuel so the basics are catered for!

  3. Not forgetting a spare pair of underpants and a cheese and pickle sandwich for the journey {g}.

    Sometimes, on our journey, we come to a grinding halt, and other times I swear we are travelling backwards, revisiting places we've already been.

    But there also times when we have signs of forward motion. And (just occasionally) obvious signs of huge leaps know...THOSE home ed moments, rare as hens teeth and far more precious!


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