Sunday, 7 June 2009

Music and Meditation

This is turning into a boasty blog, but I'm sure things will even out in time. At the moment I'm on a roll.

The music for this term is one Bruckner piece and 3 Mahler pieces. I have the CDs and am trying out paying attention to the music as I drive on my own. So every time I think of something else I aim to let it go and come back to the music. Clearly a big part of my mind is alert to the road and the traffic.

They also say not to lie down to meditate, however it is a brilliant way to fall asleep, counting each breath and starting again at 1 each time I get to 10.

Sitting in our garden is hard because doing the thinking/thinking/thinking and feeling/feeling/feeling meditation gets very confusing with birds singing, the wind moving past etc, it is all too busy. I need to find a way to allow all that sensory imput to flow over me.

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