Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Number 59

Very close to our house is a small field generally used for sheep. This year some young cattle have been put out on it. I stood by the gate to have a bit of a non verbal chat with them. One literally scampered over to see what I was like. He or she licked my hand quite a bit and had a good explore with his/her head through the bars of the gate.

I tried to tickle him/her but gentle scratching must have felt like a mosquito or something. He/she just flicked his/her skin the way they do. So I tried to remember what farmers do. I think they sort of pat them firmly, so I tried this and it seemed to be ok, no more flicking of the skin.

The tag on the ears had a long number ending in 59, so until I make up a name for my new acquaintance that will have to do.

I look forward to visiting the field again tomorrow. Today they were all chewing the cud a long way from the gate, so I just watched them all from a distance.

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