Saturday, 2 May 2009


It's basically waiting in one place in the map, in one area, for the whole of the game, until you get the chance to kill one of the opposite team.

Here is a picture of the view along the barrel of one of the many different guns in this game. The graphics are so clear. Here H is lurking in the grass. The game he's in right now is set in the Middle East and it is called Ambush. The sun is shining, the palm trees never get any damage from all the mayhem round them, the crashed cars burn brightly.

When I think how these games could be written: sickness, decomposition, torture, corruption, they are such a sanitised fantasy. Thank goodness for that. There are no children, females, older people, animals. You respawn, ie come to life again, at the start of each round.

There are glitches in the games, players can jump from roof top to roof top, have weapons which hover in the air, even move through vertical panels which are meant to be solid. (I am thinking of the pipes section in one map). I like the glitch which lets players stay in mid air above a three pronged missile launcher. Happy days.

Sometimes we can hear the French players chatting, but it's just too fast for me to follow. The accents are the same as when I lived in France years ago.

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