Friday, 3 April 2009


Yes, I found I used the concept 'paradox' today. It was rather embarrassing because I had verbally strong armed my 2 into going to a home ed meet up. And I profess to be an autonomous Home Educator. So in the car on the way back I told them about my moral dilemma. I faced up to my problem that I feel I have to take them to socials to somehow placate relations/LEA official/my own self. Yet I know in my heart that they are quite capable of coming up with some wonderful step forward out of the blue. All I have to do is stand back and keep on reading the home ed blogs/read bits of the Charlotte Mason curriculum for myself/skive off to the supermarket for some social interaction....

I still don't think the end justifies the means in this case. But they were very understanding and one son even offered me a hug. Why are they so lovely??

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  1. Why? Cos they're yours. ;0)

    Thanx for putting me in your sidebar, btw. 80)


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